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Simple Pricing Structure

Members are billed on an annual basis for Fam Membership or immediately for a-la-carte services.  There is a one-time non-refundable Membership registration fee of $99.

You can “try out” the Membership with a one time video visit and, after the visit, apply the first visits fees to a membership if you want- inquire about that with the Concierge Navigator.

There are never any co-pays for visits however for certain procedures/imaging/ immunizations/lab draws and specialists there may be a cost but this will passed through to you at greatly reduced rates whenever possible. You will be notified ahead of time if you will be responsible for any additional costs. Many of our Fam have High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) but we can provide a Superbill upon request.

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Fam Member Pricing and Services (<$5 per member per day! $150/ month – annual contract required :$1800)


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Direct Primary Care for Families of Three or More

(Fam Membership-Families):

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Women’s Health for Fam Members -GYN; Primary Care; Urgent Care Bundle (Only $11 a day for Gyn Assurance! Annual contract required: $4,000 )


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Non-Member Pricing (Per Visit Fees)

*$99 Can be applied to Annual Fam Membership Fees After Initial Visit

Primary Care Office Visit

$450 per office visit 


Telemedicine Medicine Visit

$250 per televisit 


Offsite or Home Care Visit

$650 per visit

Offsite Visit

**Refunds will be issued ONLY if practice Cancels appointment**

Concierge Women’s Health Services (Non-Member Pricing Per Visit Fees)

*$99 Can be applied to Women’s Membership fees after first visit

Concierge Women’s Health / Fertility/ Family Planning/ Life Coaching


Ob-Gyn TeleVisits (non-member)

$350 per visit

Video Visit

Medical Abortion (non-members)

$750 per Televisit (Medications / labs/ imaging additional costs)


Medical Abortion Televisit Non-Member

Gynecology Office Visits (non-member)

Starting at $600 per visit  


Concierge Obstetrics Office Visits

 $1250 per OBGYN visit (incl 1 Fetal Ultrasound at Imaging Center for 1st Trimester)


OBGYN Office Non-Member

**Refunds will be issued ONLY if Practice cancels appointment**