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Direct Primary Care




Concierge Women's Health/OBGYN

Pinewood Family Care Co. brings together a collective of online and offline wellness and health benefits, starting with affordable Direct Primary Care for the entire family.

When you become a member of the Pinewood Family, you are granted access to Direct Primary Care (DPC) with a full range of care coordination and ancillary services. You no longer have to involve insurance companies for preventive and routine visits, our DPC practice bills patients directly via our monthly membership fee. In return, the patient becomes a “Fam member” of the office and gets to enjoy enhanced access to their doctor and all medical and wellness care.

At Pinewood, we cut out the very expensive middleman of health insurance so the doctor can spend more time with each patient.

Although direct primary care models like ours do not utilize insurance for the majority of services, families still can use their insurance plan for extensive laboratory testing, surgeries, hospitalizations, ER visits, or imaging. Each Fam member has a dedicated concierge that helps coordinate your entire family’s health and wellness needs including specialist care coordination,  medication delivery, I.V. hydration and Medspa services, and inviting you to events with the Fam.