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Your Guide to Finding a High Risk OBGYN Near Me

Finding a high risk obgyn near me can feel like an uphill battle.

Trust us, when you’re dealing with a complex pregnancy, the last thing you need is…

The stress of finding a specialist who understands your unique needs.

You might be feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to turn. But remember, this step is what separates those who merely cope from those who proactively manage their health during such crucial times. This is also where working with Pinewood Family Care Co. makes the difference. 

Navigating through high-risk pregnancies isn’t easy folks!

We often hear stories about individuals struggling to find the right care for months, trying to navigate their insurance company’s narrow network. Women often feel dismissed by their regular OBGYN after being labeled as “high risk”.

This leaves many feeling anxious about seeking help again and worried they’ll ever find someone competent enough to guide them through this journey safely.

Sounds familiar?

But here’s the truth…

A high risk obgyn near me is available through Pinewood Family Care Co. In fact, as a member of our Maternity package (NJ patients), all ultrasounds are conducted at our Perinatal center.

Table of Contents:

Understanding High-Risk Pregnancy and the Role of a Perinatologist

A pregnant person with a heightened risk of health issues during or after childbirth is referred to as having a high-risk pregnancy.

This is where perinatologists come in, medical professionals whose expertise includes treating pregnant individuals with complex medical issues.

The Expertise of a Perinatologist

Perinatologists are not your regular obgyna€™s; their expertise extends beyond routine prenatal care.

They manage minor pregnancy complications as well as major ones arising from abnormal prenatal screening tests.

Treating Pregnant People with Health Conditions

Pregnant people who experience excessive vaginal bleeding or have developed gestational diabetes often require specialized care provided by these experts.

A myriad of situations fall under the purview of perinatology.

Stay tuned to learn more about what causes high-risk pregnancies in our next section.

Preexisting health conditions can significantly contribute to the risk level of a pregnancy.

Health issues like diabetes, hypertension and autoimmune illnesses can up the probability of problems during gestation.

It is essential for females with pre-existing medical issues to collaborate closely with their health care practitioners in order to regulate their circumstances and reduce any probable dangers.

The Role of Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists in Managing High-Risk Pregnancies

When a health complication arises during pregnancy, maternal-fetal medicine specialists step into the picture. These professionals have an extensive background that includes attending medical school and specializing in managing complex pregnancies.

Preconception Counseling by Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists

A significant part of their role is providing preconception counseling to individuals planning for pregnancy. This service becomes even more critical when there’s a higher risk due to advanced age or existing medical conditions.

Medical experts agree, preparing for a healthy pregnancy under these circumstances requires specialized guidance and support from experienced healthcare providers like them.

This approach ensures any potential issues are addressed early on, reducing risks associated with high-risk pregnancies such as gestational diabetes or abnormal prenatal screening tests results.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into diagnostic tests performed by perinatologists in our next section.

Diagnostic Tests Performed by Perinatologists

A perinatologist’s speciality includes caring for pregnant individuals who have a heightened risk of complications, and they often employ several diagnostic exams to monitor the mother’s wellbeing as well as the fetus’ development.

Ultrasounds: An Essential Tool for Monitoring Pregnancy

An ultrasound, one of the most common tools used in maternal-fetal medicine, provides detailed images that help detect any potential abnormalities or complications such as fetal growth restriction early on.

Prenatal Screening: Detecting Genetic Disorders Early

Prenatal screening tests, including blood tests, amniocentesis, and chorionic villus sampling are vital in diagnosing genetic disorders like cystic fibrosis. These screenings offer invaluable information about possible risks to the baby’s health before birth.

The Collaborative Approach in Managing High-Risk Pregnancies

Perinatologists bring a unique perspective to the management of high-risk pregnancies.

Their expertise includes treating pregnant people with complex medical issues and working closely with regular obgyn’s expertise.

Collaboration for Comprehensive Medical Care

This collaborative approach ensures comprehensive medical care throughout pregnancy and delivery.

Highlight this collaboration as crucial.

A Team Effort: Perinatologists, OBGYNs, And Other Healthcare Providers

Involving multiple healthcare providers allows perinatologists to focus on managing minor pregnancy complications while others handle routine prenatal care.

This team effort is particularly important when dealing with health conditions such as gestational diabetes or preterm labor.

As we move forward into discussing postpartum care, remember that this collaborative approach continues well after childbirth.

Abortion as a Life-Saving Procedure in Critical Situations

In some extreme cases, abortion can be seen as a life-saving tool by high-risk obstetricians.

This is particularly true when severe health conditions develop during pregnancy.

Situations such as acute liver failure or dangerously high blood pressure may necessitate this decision.

The medical team’s main focus is always on guaranteeing the patient’s security and health.

FAQs in Relation to High Risk Obgyn Near Me

What qualifies as high risk ob?

A pregnancy is considered high-risk if there are potential complications that could affect the mother, baby, or both. This can be due to maternal age, medical conditions, lifestyle habits or complications from a previous pregnancy.

How often do you need to see a high risk OB?

The frequency of visits varies based on individual circumstances and severity of risks involved. However, expectant mothers with high-risk pregnancies typically have more frequent appointments than those with low-risk pregnancies.

Why am I being referred to a perinatologist?

You may be referred to a perinatologist if your pregnancy is deemed high-risk due to health issues like diabetes or hypertension; advanced maternal age; multiple gestations; or history of miscarriages and genetic disorders.


High-risk pregnancies can be daunting, but with the right care, they’re manageable.

At Pinewood Family Care Co., the perinatologist is crucial in such situations. For our Members, they are your go-to experts for routine ultrasounds and complex pregnancy cases.

Remember that high risk doesn’t mean hopeless; it simply means you need specialized attention and care during this journey.

A good maternal-fetal medicine specialist will guide you through preconception counseling to postpartum complications management – ensuring both mother and baby’s safety throughout the process.

Your health conditions or age may put you at higher risk, but rest assured that modern diagnostic tests and procedures have come a long way in managing these risks effectively.

If ever faced with critical situations where abortion becomes necessary as a life-saving procedure, know that it’s not an easy decision to make but sometimes it’s essential for survival. It’s all about preserving lives – yours included!

So here we are…

You’ve learned what high-risk pregnancies entail, understood the importance of finding a competent high risk obgyn near you, realized how vital their expertise is when navigating through complicated pregnancies…now what?

This is where Pinewood Family Care Company steps in!

We understand your concerns and fears surrounding complex pregnancies which is why our team of dedicated professionals work tirelessly to provide comprehensive medical services tailored specifically for those facing high-risk scenarios. Click here, let us help manage your unique needs while offering emotional support throughout this challenging time because at Pinewood Family Care Company…your family becomes ours too!